What is JustOneDB

JustOneDB is a fully functional relational database management system (RDBMS) that supports multi-user transactional updates and analytical queries concurrently within the same database instance.

No Design

No indexes. No partitioning. No tuning

Big Data

Scales from entry to petabytes on commodity hardware

General Purpose Relational Database

SQL. Functionally rich. Use existing DB tools and products

Data Transparency

Full access as if every table and every column were fully indexed


High concurrency. Fast transactions. Fast operational queries

Real Time Analytics

Real-time updates. Fast analytical queries


Fully ACID compliant


Effortlessly adapts to change

Commodity Hardware

Efficient use of standard hardware including HDD and SSD

On Premises or in the Cloud

Simple software deployment. Secure and scalable

Best Total Cost of Ownership

Fast time to value. Save on design and maintenance

Future Proof

No design ensures no requirements lock-in. Lifetime data availability


What JustOneDB is Not

JustOneDB uses a new relational database architecture which is not a row store, a column store, an in-memory store nor an appliance; and it is not dependent on flash disk nor massively parallel hardware.

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