Big Data without Big Cost or Big Complexity


JustOneDB is a radically new relational database that delivers
extreme performance and scalability for the largest
and most demanding analytical workloads.

  • Software solution running on commodity hardware
  • Load and query performance equal to costly proprietary appliances
  • Easy scalability to the largest data volumes
  • Simple to install – no tuning or maintenance required
  • Support for standard SQL and leading business intelligence tools
  • Fast time-to-value in weeks, not months or years – let us prove it!


Product Capabilities

JustOneDB excels at getting data in fast, and in fact loads data comparable in speed to writing data to a flat file.
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Product Architecture

JustOneDB is built upon PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source relational database. This means you get a fully-functional SQL-compliant database along with all the surrounding standard PostgreSQL capabilities.
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Core Innovation

JustOne’s core technology innovation is a revolutionary new way to physically store data on disk. We’ve named this new way a ‘tunnel store’, which effectively eliminates the traditional need to design and physically store data based on how the data will used.
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Technical Specifications

JustOneDB inherits all of the comprehensive database functionality and interoperability of PostgreSQL, while adding unique technical capabilities that deliver groundbreaking performance and scalability.
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JustOneDB is a game-changing relational database with broad applicability across virtually any industry or problem domain. It effectively eliminates all of the traditional constraints of relational databases with regard to performance, scalability, cost and complexity – opening untold new opportunities for enhanced business insights and new information products derived from small- and big-data alike. We have chosen to call out a small number of solution areas where we have specific experience or there are problems that lend themselves particularly well to the unique performance profile and capabilities of JustOneDB.


JustOneDB is a high-performance, general purpose database. As such, it is suitable to a broad variety of applications spanning virtually every industry. However, we have seen specific areas in the market where JustOneDB is having early success and highlight them here as examples of the types of industry-specific problems that are well-served by JustOneDB’s unique performance capabilities.


There is no industry in the world with a greater opportunity to improve the lives of each of us through data than healthcare. This is particularly true in the United States, where healthcare reform and various other regulatory initiatives are driving the entire market to adopt electronic health records, and to use the data collected to improve quality of care while reducing costs.


The telecommunications industry has been faced with the prospect of Big Data for perhaps longer than any other industry. However, with the rise of Big Data, approaches and technologies are now available that let telecommunications companies do far more with their data, for the benefit of both themselves and their customers.

100% SQL
Perform analytics against any arbitrary schema without the need to de-normalize or otherwise transform the data to support analytics