Unprecedented Performance, Scalability & Agility

JustOneDB is a full-featured relational database management system (RDBMS) built on PostgreSQL, but offering unprecedented performance, scalability and agility without the complexity of other Big Data solutions.

By replacing the underlying data storage engine with a completely new and revolutionary approach to storing and accessing data, JustOneDB delivers a new RDBMS that is completely standards-compliant and ideally suited to the demands of Big Data analytics.

JustOneDB possesses all of the advantages of a relational database, and looks exactly like PostgreSQL to applications and business intelligence tools, but with a totally different performance profile.

Product Capabilities

JustOneDB delivers extreme performance without extreme complexity, and easily scales to the largest data volumes on low-cost, commodity hardware. This performance and scalability is achieved as a software solution that does not rely on huge amounts of memory or massively parallel processing architectures that are costly and complex to acquire, implement and maintain.

Unprecedented Value, Flexibility & Agility

JustOneDB delivers unprecedented value compared to other Big Data analytics solutions, while simultaneously providing unprecedented flexibility and agility to meet both current and future Big Data needs.

Product Architecture

JustOneDB is based on PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source relational database. This means you get a fully-functional SQL-compliant database along with all the surrounding standard PostgreSQL capabilities.

An Entirely New Storage Engine

What’s different about JustOneDB is we’ve created an entirely new storage engine such that JustOneDB doesn’t resemble an old fashioned column or row store in any way. JustOne removes the complexity from relational database design and implementation, matching the broad compatibility of PostgreSQL with the extreme performance of the new storage engine.

Core Innovation

JustOne’s core technology innovation is a revolutionary new way to physically store data on disk. We’ve named this new approach a ‘tunnel store’, which effectively eliminates the traditional database need to design and physically store data based on how the data will be used.

The Standard Limitations No Longer Apply

The benefit of JustOne’s innovation is a game-changing leap forward in agility and relational database performance where the longstanding performance and scalability limitations no longer apply.

Technical Specifications

JustOneDB replaces the storage engine underlying the PostgreSQL relational database management system. As a result, JustOneDB is compatible with the full ecosystem of software tools that work with PostgreSQL and JustOneDB also inherits many of the technical characteristics of the PostgreSQL database.