Product Architecture

Product Architecture – For Database Optimization

JustOneDB is built upon PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source relational database. This means you get a fully-functional SQL-compliant database along with all the surrounding standard PostgreSQL capabilities.

What’s different about JustOneDB is that we’ve moved way beyond other databases that have been built using PostgreSQL in the past. We’ve achieved extreme database optimization by switching out the limiting component which constrains performance, scalability and agility: the data storage engine that sits underneath PostgreSQL and replacing it with JustOne’s new storage engine.

Prod Architecture

An Entirely New Storage Engine

We’ve created an entirely new storage engine such that JustOneDB doesn’t resemble an old fashioned column or row store in any way. Our approach is so different that we refer to it as a “tunnel store” and the data in JustOneDB is optimized for any type of query. The result is newfound flexibility and speed that means you’re no longer confined to batch analytics on older data that you may be accustomed to with other platforms. The database optimization achieved through JustOneDB enables high-performance analytics, in near real-time data, at the largest data volumes.

JustOne removes the complexity from relational database design and implementation, matching the broad compatibility of PostgreSQL with the extreme performance of the new storage engine.

See How Our Unique Product Architecture Can Help You Deliver Extreme Database Performance


100% Standard PostgreSQL on the Outside, and Scalability on the Inside

  • Full-featured RDBMS
  • Database optimization for extreme performance
  • 100% support for standard SQL (92 & 99)
  • ACID compliant and resilient for business
  • Standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces
  • Easy drop-in legacy compatibility
  • Complete Security