Product Capabilities

Performance – To Empower Big Data Analytics

Database performance for business intelligence and analytics is all about how fast you can get data in, and how fast you can get data out in a useful format. And if you can do both at the same time – load data and simultaneously query data – and do it at high velocity with the massive data volumes inherent in Big Data analytics, then you’ve got something that is genuinely unique. This is exactly the breakthrough in relational database performance JustOne has achieved, without sacrificing any of the traditional advantages of a relational database.

Fast Data Loading

JustOneDB excels at getting data in fast and, in fact, loads data comparable in speed to writing data to a flat file. Fast data loading is essential when working with the enormous volume of data underlying Big Data analytics efforts. In practical terms, this means no database down-time for the business users and no more missed service-level-agreements as data volumes grow and batch processing windows remain unchanged.

Rapid Queries

JustOneDB is equally adept at making data accessible and useful very quickly through highly selective queries and broad aggregate queries, with both styles being required for effective Big Data analytics. For highly selective queries, JustOneDB behaves as a traditional row-store database with every column indexed – delivering fast selective queries while offering complete flexibility for querying, without incurring any of the customary performance trade-offs inherent in creating indexes. For aggregate queries, JustOneDB delivers performance comparable to the best columnar databases, but without sacrificing selective query performance.

JustOneDB achieves this performance on a modest hardware footprint of commodity servers without resorting to large amounts of memory or the massively parallel processing approach that is so common among other solutions attempting to offer similar performance.

  • Able to load millions of transactions per second with the data immediately available for querying upon arrival.
  • All the advantages of a relational database, but with no need for traditional database optimization that requires defining, building or maintaining indexes.
  • Delivers the performance required for data discovery analytics, with fast response to both aggregate queries and highly specific drill-down and drill-through queries to the most atomic level of detail without the need for database normalization.
  • Allows simultaneous loading and querying of the database without compromising the performance of either operation.
  • Enables powerful predictive analytics for business by providing fast access, to the most detailed business data, with complex retention of all historical data.
  • Supports many concurrent users, unlike massively parallel solutions that struggle to perform with even a modest number of users.

Scalability – For Unlimited Database System Design

JustOneDB breaks the longstanding linkage between database size and database performance, thereby enabling an entirely new perspective on database system design. In each of the dimensions of scalability – load performance, query performance, and the ability to support large volumes of data – with JustOneDB the size of the database has essentially no relationship to loading or query performance. Rather, CPU and memory requirements are determined by database workload, which is the volume and speed at which data needs to be loaded, how many concurrent users need to be supported, and what types of queries they will be running.

  • Supports elastic scale-out as part of the database system design, to add or remove compute resources without impacting running jobs.
  • Easily scales to the largest volumes of data (petabytes) – more data simply means more storage, without the need for additional CPUs, memory or database optimization.
  • Database system design can take the shape of a federated network of databases, query performance remains optimized even run across a distributed database network.
  • More data does not equate to more complexity even at the largest volumes as JustOneDB does not rely on huge amounts of memory, massively parallel processing, nor the use of indexes or partitions that require active management and tuning.
  • Provides easy scale-out comparable to Hadoop but with all of the benefits of a full-featured, 100% ACID-compliant SQL RDBMS.

Agility – Beyond Traditional Relational Database Design

Agility is the ability to quickly respond and adapt to new and unanticipated requirements, and this is an area where traditional relational database design struggles and JustOneDB’s unique performance profile offers substantial benefit. With JustOneDB, the traditional need to make design-time database optimization trade-offs that constrain future flexibility is eliminated.

  • JustOneDB provides the ability to perform any query against any arbitrary schema, which is a core tenet of agile informatics. So as the business evolves – and creates new requirements that were not part of the original relational database design – JustOneDB is able to support them immediately.
  • New data sources (such as from a merger or acquisition) can be quickly added to the database, streamlining database migration, the data is quickly accessible in its native format while the data quality and data stewardship processes proceed in parallel. This eliminates the all-too-common situation where data is only available after it has gone through the full onboarding lifecycle into the enterprise data warehouse, which can often take years.
  • JustOneDB eliminates the need to trade off how much data to capture, and how long to keep it, by making it affordable to capture everything that might be useful, and keep it for as long as it might be relevant – years or even decades.

Value – Making Business Intelligence ROI a Reality

Databases deliver value at the intersection of performance, scalability, agility and cost – and it is at this intersection that JustOneDB fundamentally changes the value equation for relational databases. This is critically important as organizations must demonstrate a business intelligence ROI, and where Big Data analytics makes scaling traditional high-performance database solutions cost-prohibitive.

High Performance without Complexity JustOneDB achieves breakthrough performance on a modest footprint of commodity hardware and without the costly overhead of managing indexes and partitions. This minimizes both the acquisition cost of the hardware as well as the cost and complexity of operations supporting business intelligence ROI.

Complete Agility JustOneDB means no more design-time choices that constrain what the business can do with data months or years down the road. JustOneDB offers the agility to quickly respond to new and changing business requirements — not only will business users be satisfied, but the need for the information technology team to rip-and-replace with a new database project or Big Data tools in a few years’ time is also eliminated.

Easy Scalability JustOneDB scales to extreme data volumes simply by adding low-cost, high-capacity disk drives without a corresponding increase in CPUs, memory or architectural complexity in the database project. This is unique in the market for Big Data tools, and is of immediate value for virtually any volume of data, while being an absolute requirement for a solution to be practical and affordable for Big Data analytics.

Most Cost-Effective With JustOneDB, cost is not only about spending less, but about making business intelligence ROI a reality through entirely new ideas and data management strategies. JustOneDB makes it possible to capture, retain and extract value from more data than ever before — thereby creating completely new insights, innovative information products and other uses of data that would otherwise not be possible.

Drop-in, Legacy Compatible JustOneDB is a standards-compliant, full-featured, 100% ACID relational database management system. As such, all of your current skills and tools work with JustOneDB and there’s no need for expensive retraining or recruiting individuals with specialized and scarce skill sets. Database migration to JustOneDB from a traditional RDBMS is straightforward with no need for redesign or database optimization.